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aatdark at aol.com aatdark at aol.com
Wed May 2 07:33:28 EDT 2007

public void Show(Control control,Point pos,LeftRightAlignment alignment)
I've implementet and testet the method . unfortionalty im not able to write nunit test because of the lack of expirince in nunit and guis.

It testet on Windows XP .NET 2.0 and cygwin with mono and method is like MS one's



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 I had some work in Menu and ContextMenu stuff but I am not 
 implementing this methods right now, so patches will wellcome :-) 
 On 5/2/07, aatdark at aol.com <aatdark at aol.com> wrote: 
 >  Hi 
 >  Is anyone working on the missing 
 > ContexMenü.show(Control,Point,LeftRightAlignment) ? 
 >  if not im going to implement this 
 >  berni 
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