[Mono-winforms-list] TreeView

Sponsel, Carsten (ext) carsten.sponsel.ext at siemens.com
Thu Mar 22 05:50:04 EDT 2007


I want to use the TreeView in my application, but unfortunately it does
not call my Mouse event handlers on clicking into the tree view. Is that
a known error and is there an estimation when it will be fixed, or am i
using it wrong (under Windows the same code works).
I'm using mono version and also tried one of the recent daily
I tried using the following event handlers:

//$$$BUG$$$ mono does not support NodeMouseClick and
    System.Console.WriteLine ("...... .NET .....");
    m_Tree.NodeMouseClick += new TreeNodeMouseClickEventHandler
    m_Tree.NodeMouseDoubleClick += new TreeNodeMouseClickEventHandler
    m_Tree.MouseClick += new MouseEventHandler (m_Tree_MouseClick);
    System.Console.WriteLine ("...... MONO .....");
    this.DoubleClick += new EventHandler (m_Tree_DoubleClick);
    m_Tree.DoubleClick += new EventHandler (m_Tree_DoubleClick);
    this.MouseClick += new MouseEventHandler (m_Tree_MouseClick);
    this.MouseDown += new MouseEventHandler (m_Tree_MouseClick);
    this.MouseUp += new MouseEventHandler (m_Tree_MouseClick);
    this.Click +=  new EventHandler (m_Tree_Click);

But none of the event handlers will ever be called.

Any help?

Thanks :-)

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