[Mono-winforms-list] WS_EX_TRANSPARENT implementation for the X11 backend

Ivan N. Zlatev contact at i-nz.net
Tue Jul 24 07:20:44 EDT 2007

Rolf pointed out that I have been modifying the new tree, which is not
yet in use.

I have attached an updated patch. Unfortunately it causes a black
client rectangle instead of a transparent control. It also causes a
BadMatch[1] error and a lot of BadWindow errors.

Any X11 gurus around? :|

 Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
  Request:     1 (0)
  Resource ID: 0x3400012
  Serial:      189
  Hwnd:        Hwnd, Mapped:False ClientWindow:0x3400014,
WholeWindow:0x3400012, Zombie=False, Parent:[Hwnd, Mapped:False
ClientWindow:0x340000F, WholeWindow:0x340000E, Zombie=False,
Parent:[Hwnd, Mapped:False ClientWindow:0x340000D,
WholeWindow:0x340000C, Zombie=False, Parent:[<null>]]]
  Control:     <handle 54525972 non-existant>   at
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