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>> Hi,
>> I am building an application with virtual keyboard, using touchscreen. I
>> need to send (simulate) a key event when I press button. In windows .NET,
>> there's a method called System.Windows.Forms.SendKeys.Send(), which simply
>> does this thing. But in Mono, compiling results in "The requested feature
>> is not implemented."
>> Is there any other way to make this work? Does anybody knows, when will be
>> this method implemented in Mono?
> SendKeys is already implemented (though not a long time ago), so which
version of mono are you using?
> Rolf

I am using mono-core-
" rpm -qa | grep mono-core* "
I downloaded RPMs for Fedora 5, added them to yum repository and installed.

Is SendKeys.Send() method ready for Fedora 5?

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