[Mono-winforms-list] Has anyone implemented a virtual listview yet for Mono ?

Phill Demoore Phill.Demoore at antplc.com
Thu Jan 25 07:26:45 EST 2007


I've been following the development of Mono for quite some time and have
managed to get most of my c# application written for .Net 2 working.

The original requirement was to write the application for windows only,
but as more and more features have been added, it has become very useful
and our Linux developers here have asked for a version they can use.

I haven't been given any time to port something of this size to Java, so
Mono seemed to be a good option.
My first step was to get it compiling under Mono, this was made
difficult initially as I had written it for .Net v2 using many of the
new features for convenience. I started out by writing stub subclasses
and methods to implement features not currently supported by Mono, in
some cases the stub functions did nothing, and in other cases I
implemented the drawing, events and other apis. Gradually I've been
removing the stub functions as the features have been implemented, but
still have not got to the stage where the application works totally and
The main feature that my application uses is the virtual listview. I had
originally downloaded the Microsoft version before it was introduced in
.Net 2, and have relied on this very useful control in a number of
places within my application.

Does anyone have any idea when this will be implemented?

I have toyed with the idea of actually contributing, but it would need
to be from home, and I haven't had too much time recently.
I did try to get the source building, but my initial attempt under
windows failed, but I may try again under Linux.

Keep up the good work.


Phill Demoore

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