[Mono-winforms-list] Transparency in NotifyIcon on Linux

Erik Renes keenriser at planet.nl
Wed Dec 19 11:39:45 EST 2007

Hi Everyone, 


I am currently developing an application that lives in the tray. For the
NotifyIcon, I have used a windows .ico file that has some transparency in


If I run my code on windows, using .net 2.0 or mono everything is fine. On
linux however, every pixel that should be transparent is colored white. 


I have tried to create an ico file with the least colors possible (16) and
only one 16x16 image, I have used PNG and GIF images as Icons (using HIcon)
to try and get it to work, but the same issues arise in every scenario I
have tried. 


I have tried on a virtual machine running Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop,
using winforms 1.2.6 and on a 'normal' machine running Ubuntu 7.10 with Mono
1.2.4 (official Ubuntu packages) and (preview packages from
debian.meebey.net). I have full control over application code and the icon
used, is this a known issue? Is there anything I haven't thought of that may
get it to work?


Best regards,
Erik Renes

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