[Mono-winforms-list] PropertyGrid issues

Euan MacInnes euan_macinnes at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 12 11:17:18 EST 2007

Hi All,
    I have a number of persistent issues with the PropertyGrid control: 

1) When editing values, the values (of ANY type, they're all the same) are not drawn at the same height, they are drawn too low and the bottom 20% of the text is cut off. This looks bad and makes it hard to use, particularly when values are in lowercase letters. Font size was tested at the default 8.25 and 9 point.

2) on any text-values (string, int, float, etc..)  I have to click a second time on the values for the blinking cursor to appear, which is inconsitent with the .NET way, and leads to a tendency to click a lot to be sure it's being edited.

3) When a Form is Maximized, and the property editor is a long one with a scroll bar, the scroll bar disappears, even though it shouldn't, as it makes any offscreen griditems inaccessible. Un-maximising the form returns the scrollbar.

4) When changing to a different property item, there's a weird flicker, where the value of the previous item that was being edited is shown in the place of the new griditem. i.e. if you're editing a string value, and swap over to an integer property, the value of the string will briefly appear in the field where the integer value will appear.



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