[Mono-winforms-list] Screen dpis

David Suarez dsuarezv at codicesoftware.com
Tue Dec 4 12:38:09 EST 2007


I'm trying to figure out the way to handle different font sizes among linux
distros (I know, I know... but we need to support it :) ) The point is that
we now have all our forms autoscaling properly on windows (on both 96 and
120dpi modes) and they show up properly on 96dpi linux (all we have tested
for now: suse/ubuntu/fedora/slackware/debian/kubuntu). 

The problem arises with linux displays set to 120dpi, where some custom
controls don't scale properly. I attach a couple of screenshots. 

Is there any reason why a custom control inheriting from Control couldn't
get autoscaled?


David Suarez

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