[Mono-winforms-list] ImageList.Draw and clipping

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 13:49:54 EDT 2007


.NET Framework uses Windows common controls image list while Mono uses a 
fully managed image list implementation.

.NET Framework probably draws images using ImageList_DrawEx that uses a HDC 
returned Graphics.GetHdc.

Mono's image list uses Graphics.DrawImage function that provides more rich 
feature set than an HDC.

Setting a new clip rectangle and reverting to the original should be 
possible but I'm not sure it's wort to do.


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> Hi all,
> There seems to be a subtle difference in behavoir from .NET to mono in the
> ImageList.Draw method. If Graphics clipping has been specified and
> imageList.Draw is told to draw the image outside the clipping area, .NET
> draws the image, but mono won't.
> I guess mono has the right behavior here, yet it is different from .NET.
> Cheers
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