[Mono-winforms-list] Helping Ivan.

Ivan N. Zlatev contact at i-nz.net
Thu Aug 16 06:24:45 EDT 2007

On 8/12/07, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at ximian.com> wrote:
> Hey folks,
>     If you have some cycles, would you mind helping Ivan with one of the
> issues that he is having with XEMBED to get his Winforms designed
> working?

It should be noted that I have moved my work to a standalone MWF
hosted designer, so this is not a top priority for me any more, but it
is still cruicial for the MonoDevelop integration.

I do need help with other 2 issues related to MWF though:



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> From: "Ivan N. Zlatev" <contact at i-nz.net>
> To: "Miguel de Icaza" <miguel at ximian.com>
> Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 19:44:53 +0100
> Subject: GSoC WinForms Addin for MonoDevelop
> Hey Miguel,
> I am on my vacation right now woho ;) It was my intention to send this
> email before the beginning of it, but there we go. I was hacking on
> the monodevelop addin to the last minute and the good news is that
> something that initially seemed to work came out of that.
> Unfortunately there are 2 major problems I have stumbled upon both
> related to the mfw-gtk interop as described below. They are both
> blockers and I won't be able to continue my work on the addin unless
> those are resolved. A possibility is to spend the last week of the
> gsoc program hacking on a standalone mwf hosted designer.
> 1.) As I have described here -
> http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-winforms-list/2007-August/002979.html
> Drag and Drop doesn't work because there are some differences in how
> that is handled when one of the parents is a Plug parented to a Socket
> (that is - XEMBED is used). I have to use a socket/plug as the
> designing is done on a separate process than the main MD one via
> remoting. This is the way to go in MD.
> 2.) The second issue can be observed only sometimes (well quite often
> actually) and looks like this -
> http://www.i-nz.net/files/gallery/software/mwf-addin-borked.png. To me
> this looks like that one of the gtk/mwf thread is blocking the other.
> I do not know why and how.
> The "mwf parented in gtk" code also known as the Designer Remote
> Editor Process is this
> http://monodt.i-nz.net/browser/trunk/WinFormsAddin/src/EditorProcess.cs.
> The MD main gtk thread creates a socket and attaches the
> DesignerWidget offered by the EditorProcess (RemoveDesignerProcess
> from the DesignerSupport addin) to a plug. In this designer widget I
> parent the MWF control.
> * To get, install and test the addin from the attached tarball:
> make install
> make run
> (make uninstall is also present)
> Load the test solution from the tarball -> open Form1.cs -> click on Design
> * To get and install the addin from source code (requires MonoDevelop 0.15):
> svn co http://svn.i-nz.net/monodt/trunk/Mono.Design
> svn co http://svn.i-nz.net/monodt/trunk/WinFormsAddin
> cd Mono.Design; make; cd ..
> cd WinFormsAddin; make; make install; cd ..
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