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Thu Oct 19 10:27:32 EDT 2006

On Tuesday 17 October 2006 14:15, sasha wrote:
> I want to see mono stable, so i want to write good bug reports. My main
> interest is SWF.

Then you could probably sign up to the SWF-Mailing list (see Mail Header for 
the address). To see what's being done with SWF.

> My question is next: does mono developers know about bugs in SWF and
> simply didn't fix them yet, or thay don't know about bugs and need bug
> reports?

http://bugzilla.ximian.com/ contains all bug reports for SWF. If you query for 
them you'll see that there are still many things left to do. If you can't 
find your bug in that list please file a new one.

> I asked this question because for me defects are obvious. But if you
> need bug reports than i want to know if i movies captured from screen
> fit as bug reports? For example today i found nice program Wink wich
> make flash movies from desktop.

Yes there are many obvious defects in SWF and some things are not implemented 
yet. The class status page shows an overview of what should work right now 
and what not.


Kind Regards, Valentin S.

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