[Mono-winforms-list] bugzilla Priority field meaning

Chris Toshok toshok at ximian.com
Thu Oct 5 22:40:27 EDT 2006

It just occurred to me that I never circulated the scheme I was using to
assign priorities in bugzilla.

Here it is:

      * Critical - easily repeatable data loss, exceptions, hangs,
        crashes in applications (wf-apps, pdn, reflector, customer apps,
      * Blocker - fatal X11 errors.  data loss, exceptions, hangs,
        crashes in unit tests or unknown applications.  Not easily
        repeatable crashes in any app/test.
      * Major - non-fatal X11 errors, data not displayed properly (but
        not lost), large numbers of functional defects in 1 control, X11
        window manager issues.
      * Normal - minor control malfunctions, text selection, caret
        position, focus handling/rendering. catch-all for anything not
	in one of the other categories
      * Minor - flickering controls, more serious (than Cosmetic)
        rendering issues, win32 specific stuff
      * Cosmetic - small, easily fixed rendering problems
      * Wishlist - requests for features not in mwf that aren't strictly
        necessary for 1.2. right-to-left, bidi, osx specific stuff,
        unfinished wf-apps ports.

The top 3 are pretty much the "drop whatever other bug you're working on
have and fix" variety.  We can't ship with any bugs in the top 3.  It's
conceivable (and likely) that we can ship with some Normals, and
everything below Normal shouldn't have an effect on whether or not we're
ready for 1.2.


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