[Mono-winforms-list] Possible bug with ResxResourceReader class

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Oct 3 11:37:58 EDT 2006

Gideon de Swardt wrote:
>> The resource file you've attached can't be correctly read by MS.NET 2.0,
>> so I doubt this is a bug.
>> When I try to read the resource on MS.NET 2.0 with the following
>> code, I get "true". This means that MS.NET was not able to deserialize
>> the value.
> That's funny because I created the test file using the ResXResourceWriter in
> the mono framework. I will try to test and submit more code that actually
> generated this file.

Indeed, Mono's ResXResourceWriter uses ConvertTo (typeof (byte[]))
when a certain TypeConverter supports it, but fails to convert
it back, unless the patch I attached is applied.

But the real issue still remains: why does MS.NET not use ConvertTo
(typeof (byte[]))? Because the type is serializable? I'll run some


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