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Ken & Deb Allen kendrhyd at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 2 16:47:10 EDT 2006

Sorry, but while one can compile and execute code that uses WinForms  
under Mac OS, it does not WORK, or at least not very well at all. For  
example, I have a very simple application with a form that contains a  
combobox, and if I can only change the contents of the combobox once  
-- pressing the drop-down arrow subsequent times has no effect! Also,  
the double-click handler for the ListBox does not file. There are  
also a large number of other problems, that basically render WinForms  
unusable as of 1.1.17 release.


On 2-Oct-06, at 4:10 PM, Lee Turner wrote:

> Install X11 stuff from Mac OS X CD, install mono from binary  
> package on website and WinForms will work.
> However, I'll give you your point on Monodevelop, I looked at it  
> and just though... "Hmm, I'll stick to my ubuntu box.."
> What I'd really like to see is a GUI driven forms designer for  
> WinForms ala VS2K3 and VS2K5, doing WinForms by hand is a pita!
> (well, it's nice to dream)
> -Lee
> On 02/10/06, Ken & Deb Allen <kendrhyd at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Ah, but the real question is when we shall see a proper Mac OS X  
> installer for MonoDevelop, even in its current state. I have looked  
> at some of the material, but the list of dependencies is incredibly  
> complex and ever-changing, and I am not even certain if all of the  
> information is even up to date.
> This, along with the inability to use WinForms on Mac OS X, is a  
> major hindrance to the adoption of Mono by Mac developers, at least  
> in my opinion.
> -ken
> On 2-Oct-06, at 3:53 PM, Lee Turner wrote:
>> Installing Ubuntu and then apt-get installing mono or using  
>> synaptics to do it for you has yeilded a very usuable development  
>> environment for me, mono-develop is still far from perfect but it  
>> works.
>> Debian/Ubuntu does have the advantage of dealing with dependancies  
>> for you (on the whole), the reason for Ubuntu is because it's  
>> generally more 'bleeding-edge' than Debian installs and will ship  
>> with a newer version of mono(develop)
>> anyway, that's my two cents
>> On 02/10/06, David Cornelson (gmail) < david.cornelson at gmail.com>  
>> wrote:
>> > Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> > Well, Mono 1.1.next is always imminent.
>> > What we do need though, is good testing of Windows.Forms to make  
>> sure
>> > that no major bugs slip through.
>> So once that final bug is resolved and there is a consensus that  
>> WinForms
>> works as designed, what are the plans, if any, to simplify the  
>> packaging and
>> deployment processes.
>> It's been awhile since I've tried to run Mono on Linux and I don't  
>> think
>> I've ever seen MonoDevelop functioning properly. I don't think  
>> I've ever
>> been able to cleanly install Mono in a Linux environment without  
>> needing to
>> know how to resolve dependencies (which can spiral out of control  
>> quickly).
>> I think the question I'm asking is this. Will Mono ever be  
>> packaged so that
>> a non-Linux developer, say a VB 6 developer or less-experienced C#
>> developer, might be able to throw RedHat, Fedora, Suse, or Debian  
>> up on a
>> computer and quickly start creating usable and cross-platform  
>> programs that
>> can be easily deployed?
>> This would be my goal. Get those VB programmers interested. Get  
>> the guy that
>> writes software for mom and pop businesses interested.
>> David Cornelson
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