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Ken & Deb Allen kendrhyd at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 2 16:02:20 EDT 2006

Ah, but the real question is when we shall see a proper Mac OS X  
installer for MonoDevelop, even in its current state. I have looked  
at some of the material, but the list of dependencies is incredibly  
complex and ever-changing, and I am not even certain if all of the  
information is even up to date.

This, along with the inability to use WinForms on Mac OS X, is a  
major hindrance to the adoption of Mono by Mac developers, at least  
in my opinion.


On 2-Oct-06, at 3:53 PM, Lee Turner wrote:

> Installing Ubuntu and then apt-get installing mono or using  
> synaptics to do it for you has yeilded a very usuable development  
> environment for me, mono-develop is still far from perfect but it  
> works.
> Debian/Ubuntu does have the advantage of dealing with dependancies  
> for you (on the whole), the reason for Ubuntu is because it's  
> generally more 'bleeding-edge' than Debian installs and will ship  
> with a newer version of mono(develop)
> anyway, that's my two cents
> On 02/10/06, David Cornelson (gmail) <david.cornelson at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
> > Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > Well, Mono 1.1.next is always imminent.
> > What we do need though, is good testing of Windows.Forms to make  
> sure
> > that no major bugs slip through.
> So once that final bug is resolved and there is a consensus that  
> WinForms
> works as designed, what are the plans, if any, to simplify the  
> packaging and
> deployment processes.
> It's been awhile since I've tried to run Mono on Linux and I don't  
> think
> I've ever seen MonoDevelop functioning properly. I don't think I've  
> ever
> been able to cleanly install Mono in a Linux environment without  
> needing to
> know how to resolve dependencies (which can spiral out of control  
> quickly).
> I think the question I'm asking is this. Will Mono ever be packaged  
> so that
> a non-Linux developer, say a VB 6 developer or less-experienced C#
> developer, might be able to throw RedHat, Fedora, Suse, or Debian  
> up on a
> computer and quickly start creating usable and cross-platform  
> programs that
> can be easily deployed?
> This would be my goal. Get those VB programmers interested. Get the  
> guy that
> writes software for mom and pop businesses interested.
> David Cornelson
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