[Mono-winforms-list] LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Trimble, Nathan G nathan.trimble at pnl.gov
Fri Mar 31 13:38:41 EST 2006

Thank you.  That did it..."yum install gtk2-devel"

Nate Trimble

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> "Gtk not found (missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH to libgtk-xll-2.0.so?), using
> built-in colorscheme."  The program then starts up as it should but
> naturally the colors aren't quite right.
> An slocate for libgtk-xll-2.0.so produces:
> /usr/lib/libgtk-xll-2.0.so.0
> /usr/lib/libgtk-xll-2.0.so.0.800.15
> The first is a symlink to the second...So can anyone here point me in
> direction to getting the color scheme right?  Thanks for your time.

A quick fix would be to install the -devel packages for Gtk.

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