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Emery Conrad econrad at vt.edu
Wed Feb 22 12:07:59 EST 2006

Hello, new to the list. Nice to meet you all...


I have a VS.NET app that I'm porting to Linux. In order to get things to
work, I had to convert .resx to .resources and then do a mono build. In
version, my app at least starts (all the features don't work, but I
was working on it). Upgrading Mono to, there is an exception when
it's laying out one of the user defined controls saying:

"Value '-104' must be greater than or equal to 0."

which you can see back in the trace is a result of one of the controls
calling .Height:

"System.Drawing.Rectangle:get_Height ()result=-104."

Does anyone know what's changed from to that might cause
this? FYI, if I use the old .exe (built for and run it with the new runtime, this still happens (as opposed to rebuilding everything
and running with the setup).

FYI, I'm willing to join the team and help implement new features, fix old
features as time permits... I plan on investing a great deal of energy into
making sure that I can continue to develop .NET/Mono apps on both linux and
MacOSX (in addition to windows), so I don't mind investing the time.


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