[Mono-winforms-list] Error Running WinForms App -- Revisited

Freddie Witherden freddie.witherden at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 14 16:49:36 EST 2006

Just a small update for all of you who are watching this topic/ 
thread. With help from the very friendly people on irc.gimp.net #mono- 
winforms we managed to find out that the cause of this problem was  
because of the -fomit-frame-pointer CFLAG. which for some reason was  
causing the application to seg fault.

By Compiling the library without the -fomit-frame-pointer cflag we  
were able to solve the problem. The proposed solution is to patch the  
configure/make file script to check if the -fomit-frame-pointer is  
turned on and if so disable it.

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