[Mono-winforms-list] Anyone interested in possible bugs?

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 12:50:53 EST 2006

The netiquette around here, is to first look if a bug report already
exists, and complement it if needed. If a bug report does not exist
yet, and you can reproduce easily the problem and tell us in the bug
report the details to reproduce it, just fill the bug case.

E-mails on the list are more properly used for questions not answered
by searching in our wiki or the list archives, also discussions on
presently being implemented features or about the plans for the

Pointing wiki inconsistencies or contributions to it or code patches
are also welcome.


On 12/28/06, Maser, Dan <Dan.Maser at inin.com> wrote:
>    I'm new to the mailing lists (and mono too).   Anyone know the proper
> etiquitte for potential bug reports?   Should I add them directly to the
> mono bugzilla or mention them in an email first to determine if it's really
> bugzilla-worthy before creating a "paper" trail?
>    Thanks in advance for your time
>       Dan
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