[Mono-winforms-list] Bugs in Mono 1.1.14 on Windows

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
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The purpose of logging bugs is not to waste your time, but to keep track of 
what's broken and to allow anyone who has time and enough knowledge to fix 
the bug, not just the person you emailed. Emailing is not an appropriate way 
to track issues, they tend to get lost. Emailing Jackson is not a guarantee 
that it will get fixed, he might be busy on other stuff and forget about the 

The right mailing list to ask about ASP issues would probably be 
mono-list at lists.ximian.com .


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>Hi! Thanks for your answer.
>Yes, i work on Windows 2003 and test SWF applications which i compiled in 
>2003 for .NET 1.1.
>1) About test: i wrote aboute problemt to Jackson Harper but hi didn't
>answer yet. I think that bug is too obvious to write test. To see the bug
>you should only to create MDI child window and try to resize it using 
>The code for creating child window is very simple:
> Form child = new Form();
> child.MdiParent = this;
> child.Show();
>Second bug in MDI is very simple too. Look at standart MDI-container window
>on Windows. When you maximize any child window than windows creates
>minimize, restore and close buttons opposite main menu (look at the
>attachement). Mono doesn't do this. So, if i created few MDI-child windows
>and maximize one of them than i don't see other windows and can't minimize
>my mdi-child back without writing own code.
>3) About ASP bugs: i need to write new topic in other child forum, or maby
>you can tell someone from ASP team to view existing topic?
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