[Mono-winforms-list] Native Winforms Crash on OSX

Roberto Antonio Berrospe Machin robert at berlinprod.com
Mon Oct 3 11:54:14 EDT 2005

Hello good people.
I was looking on internet about other posts about winforms crash on OSX, but not found anything good.. Maybe i'm the only with this problem? 
I have installed Mono on my iBook G4 with Tiger installed, and well my first test with native winforms, a simple hello world with C# and MessageBox works, but, when i close the app, i get an error because mono crashed... then if i try to run the app again, im unable to run it because i start to get the same crash error... the app dont run anymore. Then if i restart my machine, im able to launch one time any of these tests, but then, the same thing... 

Im only have tiger with some common apps like iLife, Photoshop, Office, and nothing more...

What that can be?

I'd love to develop WinForms on my mac!!!


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