[Mono-winforms-list] No updates on http://mwf.mono-project.com/

Dmitriy ddmk at r66.ru
Sun May 15 08:12:14 EDT 2005

Latest date which present at root page is [28. January 2005].
This cite looks like there is no mwf development.
Its blog has same problems.

1.1.7 release under windows has same problems as 1.1.6
(no RichEdit, bad background clearing,strange items in Forms.controls list 
(my application thinks that there must be only that objects which the 
application add in it, but some of them has but type and casting throws an 
exception, the application works under MS winforms fully correct))
Image.FromStream - is also absent (i hope 1.1.8 fixes this bug too).

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