[Mono-winforms-list] MWF no more

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Thu, 10 Mar 2005 11:51:06 -0500


> After update my X server to XOrg 6.8.2 from compiled sources i can't
> run MWF apps anymore, maybe this is because i'm using an old glibc
> version (2.2.4). When i try to run any MWF app i got this error posted
> here:
> http://pastebin.ca/6912
> The same doesn't happens with Gtk#.

Try running mono under gdb, and get a stack trace once the thing breaks.

Something like this:

gdb mono 
(gdb) handle SIGPWR ignore noprint pass
(gdb) handle SIGXCPU ignore noprint pass
(gdb) run program.exe
(gdb) where