[Mono-winforms-list] .NET v2 MaskedTextBox]

Thomas Gish tgishjr at iupui.edu
Wed Jun 29 21:31:18 EDT 2005

> Just want to make sure you're aware that TextBoxBase (and the internal 
> TextControl it uses for edit functionality) are still under heavy 
> development. I don't know if you were planning on using the underlying 
> control code or writing the control from scratch.

I was actually planning on implementing
System.ComponentModel.MaskedTextProvider first, which is what
MaskedTextBox uses for it's masking abilities. This will free me from
having to worry about the actual textbox and the gui side of it until
you have a chance to hammer out the changes on the textbox side. At that
point it should just be a matter of combining the two.


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