[Mono-winforms-list] Important ResourceManager notes

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Fri Jun 10 14:37:42 EDT 2005

I mean that when I compile the Mono System.Windows.Forms.dll sources with 
VS.Net, linking in the neutral as well as the EN and DE resources into the 
assembly (not satellite or whatever, just the regular dll that also contains 
all the code), and I use the resulting DLL with the winforms/messagebox 
application, I get localized buttons, so it is obviously reading the 
non-neutral, localized resources from the main assembly.


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Date: 10 June, 2005 12:29
Subject: Re: [Mono-winforms-list] Important ResourceManager notes

>> Can you then explain why I get localized resources out of the main
>> assembly
>> when runnin on MS? Run the winforms/messagebox testcase, with the Mono 
>> SWF
>> dll and the MS runtime.
>(1) Do you mean that when you compile it on MS.NET localized resources 
>be added to the main assembly?
>(2) Or just that localized resources cannot be loaded with ResourceManager
>from the main assembly on MS.NET runtime?
>If you mean case (2) I already have answered the question:
>>>It reads neutral resources only from the main assembly and reads 
>>>resources only from the appropriate satellite assembly.
>If you mean case (1) please let me know because it would be a very strange
>As I can remember this behaviour is documented somewhere in .NET Framework
>SDK but not in the reference of ResourceManager.
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>> Date: 10 June, 2005 12:02
>> Subject: Re: [Mono-winforms-list] Important ResourceManager notes
>>>> We have a test app in winforms/messagebox, that switches to the german
>>>> locale, to test reading non-neutral resources. When I run that with our
>>>> System.Windows.Froms.dll, but with Microsoft's runtime, it does read 
>>>> the
>>>> non-neutral locale. Doesn't that contradict the statement that MS does
>>>> not
>>>> support it?
>>>..NET Framework does the same I want to implement (in fact I already
>>>implemented it but I don't want to send a patch until I finish reworking
>>>whole ResourceManager to be MS.NET compatible). It reads neutral 
>>>only from the main assembly and reads localized resources only from the
>>>appropriate satellite assembly.
>>>This is a very big difference.
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>>>> Subject: [Mono-winforms-list] Important ResourceManager notes
>>>>>I am about post an extenive ResourceManager patch.
>>>>>I am still working on the test unit to make discover the correct
>>>>>of ResourceManager and prevent regressions.
>>>>>There were a lot of differences between Mono and .NET Framework
>>>>>The most important that will break Managed.Windows.Forms is that 
>>>>>resources has to be read from the main assembly any other resources has
>>>>>be read from the appropriate satellite assembly.
>>>>>System.Windows.Forms.dll contains all the cultures of resources in the
>>>>>assembly and only the neutral resources will be available in
>>>>>after the patch.
>>>>>Note that this change does not effect GetManifestResourceStream but it
>>>>>should not be used with localizable resources. (Managed.Windows.Forms 
>>>>>using GetManifestResourceStream for localization)
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