[Mono-winforms-list] Re: Problem with Form.Show() and Thread.Sleep()

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Wed Jun 8 19:51:24 EDT 2005

I'm guessing you're running this with Mono on X11, not on Win32. The fact 
that you're getting a Window at all is a particular Windows 'feature'. X11 
will not create a window until the message pump is running.

If you ran the same sample on Win32, with Mono and our MWF, you would see 
exact same results as with Microsoft's implementation (and as described in 
the book).
While it is thinkable to work around that somehow, by firing the message 
pump until the window shows up, I think that would cause more severe 
incompatibilities since some messages already have been processed.

Look at it this way: Mono's way of showing you on X11 how important a 
running message pump can be is way more impressive than on Windows :-) It 
really emphasizes the point by not even showing you a window, instead of 
showing a frozen window. Yes. I'm half kidding :-)


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>On 2005-06-08, Kornél Pál scribbled these
>curious markings:
>> I have tried the code you sent on Windows using .NET Framework and Mono 
>> as
>> well. It worked but creating a window without a message queue will lead 
>> to
>> an unresponsive window.
>As a matter of fact, that's precisely the point of that example. There's
>several examples following it which fix the problem (though I have
>problems with those, too). I would imagine that it's a problem with my
>setup if it's not failing in the proper way, yes? I'm trying to learn
>WinForms with Mono, and it's difficult if I don't see the same thing the
>author describes.
>> You should use only the following line in Main:
>> Application.Run(new Form());
>Yep, that's mentioned as well.
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