[Mono-winforms-list] Theming in MWF

Pedro Martínez Juliá pedromj at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 06:31:50 EDT 2005


I've seen the implementation of themes in MWF and I'm not agree at all
of having theming in this stage of the development. I know that MS.NET
has themes but I think that themes are implemented in Windows because I
didn't see anything related in MSDN documentation.

I saw that Theme.cs has a lot of painting logic and I think it shouldn't
be there. For example, DataGridPaintRows iterates the rows of a datagrid
to paint each one. I think that it should be in DataGrid and not in the
theme class.

The problems I see in this issue is that I can implement a Theme that
changes the view of any control and in the other hand, this theming
engine doesn't allow a user to easily download and install a theme.

At the end, we have only Win32Classic theme maintained and it adds one
level to the indirection at the time to paint any control.

For all of this I think we can redesign now the theming. It's only an



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