R: [Mono-winforms-list] MWF painting VERY slow compared to .NET

Parser - Davide Morelli davide.morelli at parser.it
Thu Jul 28 20:33:18 EDT 2005

Hello list,

I wrote a sw in .NET for windows (a sort of graphical editor) and now I need
to port it to OSX.
Being Cairo so slow i decided to write an alternative libgdiplus.dylib
dedicated to OSX using only Core Graphics Calls.
It won't be complete, I will only implement those methods I used in the
original .NET sw.
I am at a good point and it works like a charm.
I will surely release it under the GPL license (because I took some code
from the original libgdiplus).
Using Cocoa i could also implement some feature that was missing in
libgdiplus ( mostly GraphicsPath.AddString() thanks to NSBezierPath ).

I am not saying that Cairo should not be used, I only had to avoid it
because I needed performances and my software must be released soon.

If you are interested I can share the code.


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> Oggetto: [Mono-winforms-list] MWF painting VERY slow compared to .NET
> When painting a bitmap to a Form and measuring the frame 
> rate, I get vastly different figures on .NET vs. Mono. E.g. 
> on .NET I get 114 fps while under mono it's only 4.5 fps (on 
> the same hardware). What's even stranger is that I get the 
> same (4.5 fps) figure on a PowerPC Mac mini (1.42 GHz G4, 167MHz
> bus) and an Intel box (dual 3GHz Xeon, 533MHz bus). Both 
> systems are running Fedora Core 4. I thought that perhaps it 
> relates to video drivers but I installed the latest ATI 
> driver on my Xeon box (Radeon 9800 Pro) and there is still no 
> difference.
> Something else is that on WMF, the background is always 
> painted even though I override OnPaintBackground of my Form 
> with an empty implementation, e.g.:
> protected override void OnPaintBackground(PaintEventArgs e) { }
> On Windows, this prevents the Form from repainting the 
> background, thus speeding up painting and reducing flicker, 
> while MWF always appears to repaint the background.
> I've done (very limited) testing on Gtk (Glade), and it 
> appears to be fast on Linux (comparable to 
> System.Windows.Forms on .NET), but while being fast on Linux, 
> Glade is MUCH slower on Windows (I don't have exact figures 
> but it's very noticable).
> Is the MWF implementation likely to increase in speed (by 20 
> times!) as it matures, or should I use Gtk for Linux / OS X 
> and System.Windows.Forms for Windows? I was hoping that I 
> could use a single code base for all platforms (which has 
> been the case so far).
> Don't take this the wrong way, I don't mean to be critical. I 
> think it's great that there is a managed implementation of 
> Windows Forms, but at 20 times slower it renders my Windows 
> applications unusable under Mono.
> Thanks
> Pete.
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