[Mono-winforms-list] MWF painting VERY slow compared to .NET

Peter De Jager peterdj at telkomsa.net
Thu Jul 28 17:26:14 EDT 2005

Thank you for explaining this. I'm (slowly) finding my way ;-). My first
choice is obviously to support only one GUI framework in my code, so I'll
stick to MWF and see how things pan out.

Thanks again

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> [...testcode explanation...]
> Thanks for the snippet, I will play and report back later.
> >With regards to Mac, I know very little about X11 (as with 
> Linux). To 
> >be honest, I don't even understand your question ;-). When trying to 
> >get MWF and gtk-sharp running I saw on the mailing lists 
> that X11 needs 
> >to be installed, so I did that. I also tried to run 
> 'mono.exe' from an 
> >X11 terminal (I don't know how this differs from a normal 
> terminal on Mac).
> >After macpack I've managed to get a MWF app displaying for 
> an instant 
> >before quitting, so my success has been limited so far. 
> However, all of 
> >my non-gui code is running without problems under Mono on OS 
> X, albeit 
> >at approximately half the speed of Mono on Linux (FC 4), on the same 
> >PowerPC hardware.
> Quick and dirty intro:
> MWF is implemented around the concept of a 'driver'. The 
> driver provides an abstraction layer for different windowing 
> systems, to allow the same MWF controls to run unchanged on 
> Win32, X11 OS X or any other desktop/window system. (Drawing 
> is handled by System.Drawing, not the driver.)
> Today we have three drivers, Win32 (maintained by myself), 
> X11 (maintained by Jackson and myself) and OS X (maintained 
> by a non-Novell contributor, Geoff Norton). We keep Win32 and 
> X11 en par, but due to our complete and utter lack of Mac 
> know-how, we cannot do the same with the OS X driver, we are 
> (until we find some time to learn Mac or it becomes a 
> business priority) dependent on community contributions to 
> it. The Mac driver currently does not provide keyboard 
> handling, and has some issues with drawing and exposures.
> On the Mac, you can use either the X11 driver (and draw 
> through the Mac X11
> server) or the OS X driver (which draws via native Carbon). 
> You are correct, today X11 is required on the Mac even for 
> the native driver, due to some font handling requirements.
> If you run the app via macpack, you are using the OS X 
> driver, not the X11 driver. Running from a X11 terminal 
> should a) work and b) use the X11 driver. Remember, I'm not a 
> mac guy, though.
> Cheers,
>   Peter

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