[Mono-winforms-list] MWF painting VERY slow compared to .NET

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Thu Jul 28 14:25:06 EDT 2005


I am curious as to how you tested performance/framerate. Any chance you 
could provide the code? (Binary should be ok, doesn't have to be source 
yet). I'd love to go through and see where we spend the cycles. (And I will 
also test with our MWF but Microsoft's GDI+ on Win32, which will give an 
idea of how much impact our managed approach to drawing controls has)

When Jackson worked on improving performance of the X11 driver's event loop, 
he went through the Gtk+ code, so I'd assume he modeled it after theirs and 
we should have the same benefits.

Also, you mention OS X. Are you testing with the X11 driver or with the OS X 

Also, so far we have spent little time optimizing things, we've only tried 
to get to a code-complete state, but we're reaching the point where we're 
looking into performance, so you picked the perfect time to bring up the 
issue :-)


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Subject: RE: [Mono-winforms-list] MWF painting VERY slow compared to .NET

>That would make sense. It almost appears as if the MWF event loop is 
>at a fixed frequency, resulting in the (almost) fixed frame rate regardless
>of architecture or video drivers. Of course it will be more complex than
>that, but it does appear that the delay is at least in part due to the 
>What would be the best way to proceed though? In the last few days I have
>tried gtk-sharp on Mac without much success, having had a lot of trouble
>installing gtk-sharp under PowerPC (at least with Mono 1.1.8 and FC4). I 
>the post by Attila Balogh who provides a modified Mono framework for OS X
>Tiger (90MB), which includes gtk-sharp 1.0.10, but I haven't tried it yet. 
>thought I'd hold out for a while and keep testing on Linux (Intel/PPC) 
>MWF. I've also had a look at wx.Net but it appears that gtk-sharp is more
>widely supported. In a perfect world I would use MWF since this requires no
>change from my .NET code, but failing that, I was hoping to use a single 
>toolkit for both Linux and OS X. Does gtk-sharp fit the bill?
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>> Hello,
>> > Slowness of MWF drawing comes from Cairo. MWF uses libgdiplus for
>> > drawing, libgdiplus uses cairo/libpixmain backends for drawing and
>> > uses version 0.3.0 of Cairo. Currently Cairo is version 0.5.2. The
>> > problem is that Cairo isn't yet stable project as API is
>> changed even
>> > on minor version change. On mailing lists of Cairo there is talk of
>> > soon releasing of version 1 which means freezing the API.
>> But 'soon'
>> > could be month or year by my opinion.
>> Although Cairo is known to be a part of the problem, another
>> part of the equation might be the event loop processing.
>> I do not remember the details, but Gtk+ spent quite a bit of
>> time dealing with improving their main loop and event
>> processing to improve performance.
>> Miguel.
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