[Mono-winforms-list] Drawing performance

Vladimir Moushkov vlindos at nucleusys.com
Tue Jul 19 11:50:17 EDT 2005

> 	If you are talking about the textbox mainly, I know that Peter
> has been working on it a lot, but the control is not an easy one.
> 	The text 'going to garbage' and 'doubling' is a known issue I
> believe. A lot of the drawing issues are of course Cairo related (I say
> that not to blame them), but I would think that most/all exceptions are
> due to code on our side.
And not only: Scrolling is very "heavy" operation
> - Jonathan
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> Thank you for the answear. The X11 performance is terrible, for example
> editing text is totaly unusable ( no right click for copy/paster instead
> the text get garbiged display ), multiple click on the text gets
> throwing
> exception and so on..., sometime text is doubled (offset on redrawing
> ??)
> Its is interesting to know from where are comming the all these issues
> are
> they all cairo related .. ?
>> I assume you mean the performance on platforms other than windows? (as
>> mono on Windows uses the actual MS gdiplus library; it's performance
> is
>> fine, and its as fast as it will get).
>> 	On other platforms mono is using Cairo. Cairo is still in
>> development (0.5 I believe). The maintainers are working on
> stabilizing
>> the API and behavior before they look into performance.
>> 	The performance isn't great right now, but it's not horrible.
>> Make sure you are drawing as efficiently as possible (double
> buffering,
>> invalidate only the changed area, etc.). Other than that, it will just
>> take time.
>> 	In regards to theming (assuming you mean a theme other than
>> Win32, such as GTK)? The theming infrastructure exists in mono
> winforms
>> today, but the only one actively developed on is Win32. GTK was
> started,
>> but I believe it has fallen by the wayside. Feel free to implement
> items
>> in the GTK theme to match there Win32 counterparts (ThemeGtk.cs).
>> - Jonathan
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>> Hi again,
>> hope found the right mailing list for that question. But the drawing
>> performance is so terrable ( and so buggy )? Will soon get stabilze ?
>> What
>> can be done for helping it and what could be done for get theming
>> support
>> ?
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I've done next test:
downloaded and installed cairo from cvs;
downloaded and install cairo-gtk-engine
Selecting "Calligula" ( cairo engine using theme) GTK Theme didn't present
any slowdown?
I guess there is difference in source of  libgdiplus's cairo copy but - it
is really big difference, or just this test isn't suitable for comparision

Best regards,
Vl. Moushkov

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