[Mono-winforms-list] HelpProvider

Mario Sopena Mario Sopena <mario.sopena@gmail.com>
Sun, 20 Feb 2005 23:40:06 +0100

Hi guys,

I've been playing with implementing the HelpProvider. This Control is
similar to ToolTip in the sense that lets you associate each Control
with a Help, that could be a string (so it displays something similar
to a tooltip) or a help file (the obscure chm winhelp format or html).

After a while, I realized that the tooltips of the HelpProvider where
implemented in MS.NET subclassing Form instead of Control (that is
what the Tooltips does). I thought so, because with the "tooltips" of
the HelpProvider the Form looses the Focus, whereas with normal
tooltip that doesn't happens. And, someone point me If I'm wrong, a
Form only looses focus by another form. After all, I couldn't
implemented that because the actual Form of the MWF doesn't let to
take out the borders. What should I do? Wait until that gets
implemented or implement with Tooltip (although it is not done the
MSNET way)?

For the part of the help files there is not much to do. What I think
is that we should let only html documentation (so, loading the default
browser of every desktop with the corresponding html, pretty much what
the MSNET makes). With respect to the WinHelp format, we can call in
WinXP the native API to show the help (I already have the docs but
didn't try it) but that leaves an inconsistency between platforms, and
I think that is not the policy. So, let only html help??

Saludos, Mario