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Fri, 18 Feb 2005 15:51:01 -0500


     First off; there is a carbon driver in 1.1.4 (it is extremely 
alpha and undergoing a major rewrite atm in HEAD) but there are a 
couple gotchas:

#1.  We're not using the ATSUI font backend yet so you need to have X11 
installed (because it gives us the ft2/fc deps)
#2.  You can't launch SWF/mono apps on mac with mono foo.exe

The solutions is (assuming swf-buttons as an example) to use macpack.

macpack is a tool installed with 1.1.4 to package a managed assembly as 
a OSX .app bundle; the usage for swf buttons would be

macpack -m:1 -n:swf-buttons -o:. -a:swf-buttons.exe

There is macpack --help and a manpage but I'll reiterate these options 

-m == --mode; the mode of macpack being either SWF or Cocoa#
-n == --name; the name of the .app bundle to output
-o == --output; where to output this bundle
-a == --assembly; which assembly to macpack


On 18-Feb-05, at 3:24 PM, Peter Dennis Bartok wrote:

> This is really a WinForms question, so I'm copying mono-winforms-list 
> to
> give the author of the Mac driver a chance to see it and reply to it.
> Cheers,
>  Peter
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> From: "David Burnett" <vargol@ntlworld.com>
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> Date: 18 February, 2005 12:30
> Subject: [Mono-list] OSX. Mono 1.1.4 and swf
>> I've been waiting to play with the winforms in OSX, and finally had 
>> my
>> chance after downloading the 1.1.4 binary package. It worked not 
>> quite
>> as expected, but it ran. Just a few quick observations based on
>> compiling swf-buttons.cs.
>> Is SWF on OSX supposed to use X, I thought there was Carbon driver, 
>> is
>> that just not ready for release yet, is there a magic command line
>> option I missed?
>> I had to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to pick up libMonoPosixHelper.0.dylib.
>> I've compiled the button example code swf-buttons.cs, it runs,
>> displays the buttons however the font styles are occasionally
>> wrong, they are not bold or italic etc where they are supposed to be.
>> Colour wise there's nothing wrong and font size is okay for that 
>> button.
>> Only the buttons up to button17 (TextAlign=TopCentre) are drawn.
>> button17 is drawn on top of what appears to be the Dock=Bottom
>> button. The other buttons that should be drawn below button17
>> are not drawn, unless the form is resized, and that causes other
>> drawing problems.
>> Anyway, I wasn't expecting it all to work.
>> Great work so far I can't wait to see SWF on Carbon.
>> Dave
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