[Mono-winforms-list] X11 problem with datetime picker

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Sun Aug 21 17:08:34 EDT 2005


> I just tried this under Windows/.Net and Linux/Mono.  For me, the
> results were identical with the datepicker appearing over top of the
> groupbox.
> Is this not what you are seeing under Linux/Mono?  (I'm running from svn
> 48583) 

I'm just compiling 48633. It was certainly not working at about 2pm when
I wrote the test code (I did an update about 1pm - not sure which
version that was at). Are you running xorg.x11 or xfree86 x11? It
shouldn't make a difference, but you never know!

> Also, it may make no difference to the problem at hand, but I pointed it
> out because I doubt it's what you intended, and I thought it might be
> contributing to the problem.  

I had tried it both ways and then had a friend check it in .NET.

> You are placing the datepicker into the
> groupbox, then pulling it back out and putting it on the form itself,
> over the groupbox.  If some older version of System.Windows.Forms got
> the z-order wrong, then in this situation the datepicker would draw
> under the groupbox, and therefore be invisible.

I actually came across this as I have a test piece of code which was
written yonks ago. I remember it working earlier in the year and wanted
to demo it to someone who thought that .NET was only ever going to be
viable under Win32 (you know the sort). I tested it to ensure that it
worked and that I wasn't going to have egg on my face.

> Anyway, both cases are
> behaving correctly in Linux for me.

Which distro, compiler, X11 server etc did you compile it up using?


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