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Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Wed Aug 17 11:14:24 EDT 2005

I haven't seen your test app, so it's really impossible to comment, however, 
you should follow this link 
and read all the posts with MWF painting VERY slow compared to .NET   in the 
title (not all are listed under a single thread, or I'd just refer you to 
the first one)


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Subject: [Mono-winforms-list] Master's Thesis

>I'm a student in University Of Kuopio in Finland. I'm about to do master's
>thesis concerning Mono and Windows.Forms. My plan was to make a simple game
>and compare performance of .NET and Mono with it. To achieve this goal I 
>to make a game loop that runs on maximum speed and then count the frames 
>This is easy to do with .NET by overriding main forms "OnPaint"-method and
>calling "this.Invalidate()" at the end of it. This is very simple and
>effective but only seems to work with .NET. Mono doesn't start looping this
>way. It seems that Mono always needs somekind of event (from Timer for
>example) to call "OnPaint"-method.
>I know this is not the only way to make it work, but I have tried many 
>ways too without results. I can make the loop work with Timer but its 
>frequency is too small for performance comparisons. So I need your help to
>make a game loop that runs as fast as it can on Mono!
>I hope that someone understood what I'm trying to say here and propably 
>give me some hints.
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