[Mono-winforms-list] specifying the " r:System.Windows.Forms" switch in MAkeFile

Sheikh Nabeel Moeen sheikh_nabeel_moeen at spymac.com
Wed Aug 10 05:27:11 EDT 2005

Paul suggested using NANT to configure building a MONO project to help specify
which files required the /r:System.Windows.Forms switch, in reply to an earlier
I have a coupele of quesitons . 
First of all, what would be a good way to get started with NANT. ( i have no
experience with similar configuration tools)
secondly, i tried using mono with SharpDevelop in MS Windows environment, but the
NANT Build file generated by SharpDevelop always specifies "csc" as the compiler
irrescpective of the Compiler/run time specified in the Project properties.
Finally,  a single sample for specification of this switch would really help me
towards porting my application to Mono/Cross platform.
development on an open source platform sure appears to be a tough task for a "hobby"!
Thanks in advance your help, and all the information i've already been provided
with on this list.
Nabeel Moeen

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