[Mono-winforms-list] Threading problem

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Thu Aug 4 12:05:34 EDT 2005


As you may have noticed by now, shutdown is not yet clean. Goes along the 
lines of the bug you filed about memory stuff on shutdown. Since it's 
shutdown and the app is done it's not highest on our priority list. It's 
mostly related to order of window destruction and explicit vs. implicit 
window destruction.


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Is there currently a problem with threading and winforms? If I run an
app which uses System.Threading and winforms, I get the following when I

XIO :  fatal IO error 9 (Bad file descriptor on X server "<gibberish -
       after 34932 requests (34923 known processed) with 0 events

Is this a known problem?

Using FC4 (rawhide) with mono (checked out from the developer branch at
16:00 British Summer time and compiled with make distclean via my


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