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Jordi Mas jordi at ximian.com
Wed Aug 3 10:41:49 EDT 2005

El dc 03 de 08 del 2005 a les 11:17 +0200, en/na Pedro Martínez Juliá va
> Hello,
> I'm very lost in DataGridView lines painting. I don't know where paints
> the lines, the possible places are:
> - Inside the cell bounds, each cell should paint its four border lines.
> - Painted by DataGridView, the cell bounds are inside the border lines
> (they don't paint the lines).
> - Fifty-fifty, some lines (for example, bottom+right) are painted by the
> cell and the other lines are painted by the DataGridView or other cells
> because the bottom line for a cell can be top line for other cell.
> I'm looking for this issue in MSDN2 pages and I don't see anything.

The method that I used for cases like this is to create a sample that
makes Datagrid paint in a DC that belongs to a bitmap for every paint
method or to override them and just return (no painting) to see visually
what every Paint method was responsible for painting. 


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