[Mono-winforms-list] Loading a bitmap into PictureBox

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Thu, 28 Apr 2005 17:25:17 -0600


Running code from SVN means that you have to compile mono from source. To do 
that, you will need the svn program, to retrieve the sources from the 
repository, and then you have to build, according to instructions. If you've 
never done something like this before I would suggest waiting for the next 

As for mailing lists, yes, you can attach files to the message, assuming 
they're relatively small. Otherwise you can offer to send via direct mail to 
those people who ask.
You can not "disable" receiving messages from other users. Every user sees 
what everyone else sends to the mailing list. It's how mailing lists 
work.(You can always create a filter on your side to delete stuff you're not 
interested, if your mail client supports filters; assuming you can come up 
with filter criteria). The idea of a mailing list is that the subscribers 
help each other, that only works if you see all messages and answer those 
where you have knowledge.

In general, you can go to lists.ximian.com and log in to see your mailing 
list profile.


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>Hello Jordi,
>Thank you for your answer.
>I logged the bug at bugzilla as you said, and  I understand that the 
>was meanwhile fixed in SVT. Can you please explain me how to
>identify/download the corresponding Mono patch at
>http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/mono-patches/, and how to install 
>into my actual Mono release ? Do I have to first download/install all Mono
>patches released since the last 1.1.6 official version ? Are the patches
>always available for both Windows and Linux platforms ?
>And I have some more questions regarding the handling of Mono mailing 
>as I am new with Mono mailing lists : if necessary to attach a file to a
>message, can I just attach it directly to the email I send to the mailing
>list ? And how can I disable the automatic receiving into my email mailbox
>of messages posted by other users, regarding other topics than those posted
>by me (I dont know where to find my user profile) ?
>Thanks in advance.
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