[Mono-winforms-list] simple animation

kangaroo grompf@sublimeintervention.com
Sun, 10 Apr 2005 20:45:06 -0400


On 10-Apr-05, at 5:29 PM, Jon Heiner wrote:

> Excellent. That did it. Thanks for the assistance.

No problem.

> I noticed that the timer object "should" be triggering at 60 FPS, but 
> it's not even close. Is there some considerable overhead to using 
> timers? Down the line, I'm planning on running the updates in a 
> separate thread and simply putting it to sleep when it's not drawing, 
> but i'm a little worried about this overhead. Any thoughts on 
> optimizing animation would be great. I'll see what I can do here and 
> repost later.

There are 2 problems here; first I was using CGContextFlush instead of 
CGContextSynchronize,  this was causing 20000ticks/draw of overhead 
(this is now fixed in SVN), the second is the cairo backend sucking and 
causing crappy performance.  I dont have any immediate fix for this 
(until the backend is fixed; this will stay)