[Mono-winforms-list] Does X11 support imply Mac OSX support?

Josh Dady jpd@indecisive.com
Mon, 27 Sep 2004 11:58:01 -0400

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On Sep 26, 2004, at 4:02 AM, gennady wexler wrote:

> I will look into both Carbon (native mac UI which I know pretty well -
> approach b in your list) as well as cairo/X11 solution to see how far 
> I can
> get.

Carbon would be the most direct equivalent to how the X11 and win32 
drivers work, so this much makes sense.  Windowing and events bind to 
the obvious Carbon parts, and drawing could map to either the classic 
Carbon APIs or all sorts of CoreGraphics bits.

As for getting the Mac look-and-feel, you might not want to focus on 
that straight off.  A lot of custom controls people write will try and 
use the theming and drawing APIs to make stuff "fit in" -- so you might 
consider making the Carbon driver look just like the X11 driver (i.e., 
however uxtheme tells it to look) and then separately gluing the 
uxtheme hooks people are working on to the equivalent Carbon hooks -- 
this is how the Firefox pinstripe theme works; it won't work on Windows 
because it just glues the XPCOM APIs to the Carbon ones.

Mind you, this is my armchair quarterbacking as someone who is involved 
in too many projects as it is -- I'm just throwing ideas out.  8)

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