[Mono-winforms-list] Does X11 support imply Mac OSX support?

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 16:41:06 -0600

I'll quote from my status update:

"The X11 driver has only been used/tested on Linux, due to lack of time and
resources we haven't done anything on Solaris or Mac yet, maybe someone who
reads this will feel compelled to volunteer :-)"

In other words - we're not working on Mac support, due to lack of time and
resources. I looked into it a bit, but I just can't find the time. If you
would like to volunteer, I will be delighted as I would love to have Mac
support. As for how to implement it, via X11 or natively, that is up to the
implementor. AFAIK, it should be possible to run SWF as is on the Mac today,
assuming that the DLL mapping tables are set up properly. (I remember
hearing/reading something about needing translation from .so to .dylib or

Hope this helps clarify things


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Subject: [Mono-winforms-list] Does X11 support imply Mac OSX support?

>I see that SWF currently has drivers for Win32 and X11.  I also see in
>the latest status update that Mac OSX is something that is on the "to
>do" list.  Does this mean that native OSX support is on the todo list,
>or does it mean that X11 on Mac is on the todo list?
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