[Mono-winforms-list] Test applications

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Mon, 20 Sep 2004 00:23:40 -0600

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From: "tim dion" <tim_dion@yahoo.com>
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Date: Sunday, 19 September, 2004 22:30
Subject: [Mono-winforms-list] Test applications

>Hi all,
>Sorry for the newbie questions. I am starting a simple
>a test application for menus, specifically menu bars.
Awesome. Thanks for spending the time. Be aware that menus are still in 
development, so testing and development might still require using 
Microsoft's .Net libraries.

>Is there a document template for test cases for Mono?
>Is there a mono coding standard? Should my program
>generate some type of text report?
No template as far as I know.
Coding standard is described here (coding conventions section): 
If you can generate a simple Ok and non-error return code in your app that'd 
be fantastic, but probably not feasible when gui stuff is involved. Short of 
fully automated testing, if it's simple enough for us to have my grandma run 
the testing app and make it through, that'd be great. That way, we can 
quickly go through each test and confirm that the tested components are in 
fact still working (or broken).

>Also, how should I (or another tester) compare the
>look and feel of the menus? I mean I could display a
>screen shot (or something) from the application in MS
>.Net. This way a tester knows what the reference menu
>is supposed to look like.
You're asking the million dollar question. Since it's all gui stuff it's 
hard to automate testing. So yes, displaying an image for manual visual 
comparison is a possible way. If you throw in some guidance for the tester, 
like "now, click foobar.  yes/no if you can see x" it will allow for decent 
regression testing. Ideally, of course, we can just run an app unattended to 
verify, but with gui stuff that might not work. You can't just compare 
screenshots automatically (yet) because of the anti-aliasing that gets 
thrown in by cairo but not by windows. (Separate subject, we'll be solving 
that, too)

>Also, is there a way (inside a C# application) to
>specify which DLL is loaded? I would like the switch
>out the Mono forms DLL for the MS one at run time.
I do it manually, by either having my test app as part of the same VS 
project as the Mono SWF library. When I want to run my app against windows, 
I simply reference their SWF.dll via the GUI, and vice versa. Dunno about an 
automated way. Since we have the same version numbers as MS, might be as 
simple as copying the MS or Mono SWF.dll into the directory of your app (I 
haven't tested this).

>the way, is it kosher to do development in MS SV.Net?
>Note, I do not have source code to .Net.
Absolutely, why not? We have VS.Net projects for SWF itself in CVS, too.