[Mono-winforms-list] Current SWF source

Kevin Rector krector@compco.com
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 12:31:38 -0500

SWF is being completely re-written to be fully managed code (to not be dependent on wine). It at mcs/class/Managed.Windows.Forms/System.Windows.Forms. There is info in the September 2004 archives of the mailing list.

Hope this answers your questions.


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>  Most of the source in mcs/class/System.Windows.Forms/System.Windows.Forms/
>  shows a 2 month or older date, is there a bunch of updated source that
>  hasn't been recomitted yet?  Are the date/time stamps incorrect?  Am I
>  looking in the wrong place for current SWF source?
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>  Dan Maltes 
>  Dan,