[Mono-winforms-list] SWF Theme: Windows XP

Fabian Luque Fabian Luque <fabianluque@gmail.com>
Tue, 14 Sep 2004 13:33:16 -0300

> >With the first three, I've found it's not possible to draw the state
> >where the mouse is over the control. Button state does not have a
> >MouseOver value.
> Hm, I believe that only applies when the FlatStyle for the button is
> FlatStyle.System. We should be able to add something there. (See my UxTheme
> question below)

Let me know what can we do about this.

> >One more thing I've found it's that the image and text of the control,
> >when not disabled, it's not draw through the theme class, but inside
> >the control.
> Good catch. I'll add a DrawStringEnabled function to the theme interface. Is
> there complete documentation for Microsoft's UxTheme API? Should we model
> after theirs? I couldn't find complete docs when I tried a few months back.

Well, I've been using the list of functions documented in MSDN Library
and some headers (Uxtheme.h, Tmschema.h and SchemaDef.h) included in
the Core Platform SDK.

Don't forget about the drawing of the image. I think the UxTheme API
is pretty simple and I think we only have to change (or create) some
methods on the theme class to support it.

I'll keep working on some other controls to see if anything comes up.