[Mono-winforms-list] A few beginner questions

Stephan Eberle hawke@deltacity.org
Tue, 14 Sep 2004 16:12:21 +0200

Hi Kevin,

how would you achieve this since your "form" (containing the controls) 
is either managed SWF or original Microsoft .NET? :)
Btw. would I recommend not to choose another namespace because this 
wouldn't exactly ease the pain to assure same behavior with both 

Let's pretend managed SWF is feature-complete. The best test would be to 
take a reallife .NET application (assume one with 100% .NET, no external 
dependencies) and to have it run unter let's say Fedora Core or any 
other Linux platform with an installed mono-runtime. This is only 
achievable with the same namespaces, IMHO.

The test-applications now should take a control and modify all it's 
properties in a [more or less] random manner, use the control's methods 
with [again: more or less] random parameters and listen for events 
fired. This test would best be "recorded" (a simple text-file) and then 
rerun on the other platform. This way you have test-cases you would 
never think of (because of the randomness in the values) and can compare 
the results 1:1...

Also this should not be the one and only test for the controls, but one 
in a list of possible tests.

Just my two cents... :)


Kevin Rector wrote:

> Also, Iím assuming that classes should be implemented to copy the MS 
> version. Is there a particular reason why we use the exact same 
> namespaces as Microsoft?