[Mono-winforms-list] Want to contribute to new SWF implementation ?

Ravindra rkumar@novell.com
Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:53:04 +0530

People who are new to mono project might find this link useful,


On Tue, 2004-09-14 at 14:43, Ravindra wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Do you know that it is possible to hack the new SWF from windows as well
> as Linux box ? Please be informed that it is possible!
> I have seen some people wanting to contribute to our new implementation
> of SWF, but finding it difficult to get the initial setup working. Here
> I have listed out some of the steps to get a working setup of new SWF.
> I'm going to list the steps for different types of hackers ;-)
> 1. Linux hackers, who already have built and installed mono.
>  It is as simple as to eat cake. We have created a new directory called
> Managed.Windows.Forms parallel to System.Windows.Forms (old
> implementation) under /cvs/mcs/class directory. All you need to do is
> 'make clean' and 'make install' to get the new SWF installed. Running
> 'make install' command in new or old implementation of SWF overwrites
> the installed SWF dll.
> Please note that once you install the new SWF, you might face problems
> while building 'mcs' next time. The reason is there are some libraries
> e.g. Npgsql that depend on some of the SWF classes that are not yet
> implemented in the new implementation. To avoid this problem you can
> either install the old SWF before building the new mcs or you disable
> the build of those libraries which are depending on SWF once you get
> errors. To disable the build of a particular library, you can go to
> mcs/class/Makefile and remove/comment out the library name from the
> SUBDIRS variable.
> 2. Linux hackers, who have not ever built mono.
>  You need to build and install mono and then follow steps above.
> 3. Windows hackers, who run mono under cygwin.
>  You can work same way as Linux hackers.
> 4. Windows hackers, who just want to work on SWF.
> (Following steps are for the hackers who are not comfortable with the
> cvs. People who know cvs already can simply checkout the 'mcs' module
> from mono cvs.)
>  a] Install some cvs client that has commandline interface. WinCVS
> provides commandline interface.
>  b] Open a command terminal. Go to the directory where you want mcs to
> be checked out.
>  c] Set an environment variable,
>     set CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@anoncvs.go-mono.com:/mono
>  d] Login to cvs server (press enter when prompted for password),
>     cvs login
>  e] Checkout mcs and other modules you want,
>     cvs -z3 co mcs mono winforms (this checks out mcs, mono and winforms)
>  Please note that mcs is the module that contains new as well as old
> SWF.
>  f] The checkout operation above creates a directory called 'mcs' in the
> current directory. Under .\mcs\class\Managed.Windows.Forms directory,
> you can find SWF.csproj file. You can open this file with VS.NET 2003.
> You might want to build the new SWF once it opens up in VS.NET.
> Some notes for all SWF hackers:
> 1. Samples for SWF live under 'winforms' module in the cvs. You can
> checkout this as you might have done for 'mcs'.
> 2. Under mcs/class/Managed.Windows.Forms/ directory, we have some
> 'Design' and 'Guidelines' docs. 'Design' doc talks about the design of
> the new implementation and 'Guidelines' doc talks about some of the
> conventions we are following for hacking the new implementation. We hope
> you would find these docs useful.
> 3. To get the latest sources you would need to update the
> Managed.Windows.Forms directory by setting the CVSROOT and running the
> 'cvs update' command inside this directory. I recommend to update your
> SWF code frequently as the code is changing almost everyday.
> 4. Please keep everyone on the list informed about the control you are
> working on. So that, we don't duplicate the efforts.
> I have tried to keep the steps as clear and complete as possible. Please
> let me know, if you are not covered by the four categories I have listed
> or you are facing any problems in setting up your environment for the
> new SWF.
> Happy hacking SWF!
> Regards,
> - Ravi
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