[Mono-winforms-list] SWF Theme: Windows XP

Fabian Luque Fabian Luque <fabianluque@gmail.com>
Mon, 13 Sep 2004 23:04:04 -0300

Today, I've started to create a class to theme apps running on Windows XP.

So far I've implemented the drawing of Button, RadioButton, CheckBox
and ProgressBar.

With the first three, I've found it's not possible to draw the state
where the mouse is over the control. Button state does not have a
MouseOver value.

One more thing I've found it's that the image and text of the control,
when not disabled, it's not draw through the theme class, but inside
the control. The UxTheme library has functions to draw icons and text
according to the theme. Anyway, the implementation so far looks pretty

I'll keep you updated with my progress.