[Mono-winforms-list] NotifyIcon issue...

Ravindra Kumar rkumar@novell.com
Mon, 13 Sep 2004 03:24:10 -0600

Hey guys,
I'm not very sure but I have follwoing opinion on the issue.
I think we have platform specific things in the driver and
theme specific things in the themes. After reading Peter's
mail, I have started thinking that accessing tray
(a system dependent thing) could be a desktop dependent
stuff considering each of Win/Kde/Gnome as a desktop type.
Does that mean that we need an abstraction for desktop
too ? I would say 'yes', if we have more of similar scenarios.
I would say 'no', if this is the only case we have to deal with.
Any other ideas ?

Considering 'no' to the above question,  if we have most of
the themes following kde/gnome style on Linux, I have
following suggestion. This functionality should go into driver
because there would not be a need to do it separately in
each and every theme, instead we can make this new
driver API find out the desktop type "kde" or "gnome" and
behave accordingly.
On the other hand, if every theme might differ in the way it
accesses the tray then things are straight forward. I would
keep this functionality in the themes in that case.

I would also suggest to keep in mind other desktops when
deciding upon this API. Java Desktop comes to my mind.

- Ravi

>>> "Peter Dennis Bartok" <peter@novonyx.com> 9/11/2004 2:37:17 AM >>>
Just answering of the top of my head, I haven't looked at NotifyIcon

We could move the system-dependent parts either into the driver, or
into the
theme code. If X11 finally has a common method for a tray the driver
sense (last time I looked gnome and kde used different ways of getting
the tray, is that still the case?). Otherwise, we could move it into
Theme and perform the platform specific ways there.

Any comments?


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>Myself and Ravindra Kumar were discussing this control last nite as I
implementing it, and we ran into a small problem; even though I can
my version out with .NET's System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon fine, and
programatically the class interface/signature is fine, given that a
tray is OS/platform dependent and really out of the scope of
GDI+/System.Drawing, we decided that we were at a loss on how to
draw said component. Ideas?
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