[Mono-winforms-list] Thanks for such a good effort!

Luis Fernandez luifer@onetel.net.uk
Fri, 10 Sep 2004 10:05:34 +0100

Hi all,

Before I make my request, I would like to thank you all for
the great effort you are doing :)

>From the list of controls currently been developed I believe
there is one important one missing... the TextBox control.

This is only a suggestion, of course, but for me, and probably
many more developers out there, it is more important to have
this kind of control somehow ready before than for example the
panel control or the tab controls.

The reasoning behind this is that I already have some small
aplications to do small tasks that only require the controls
already implemented, and a means of entering values, e.g.
textboxes. Not having groupboxes, tabs or menus is something
we can work around for the time been and still have a usefull
application, but not been able to input data into the app is
very important.

Been able to produce usefull applications will probably drive
more developers, such as myself, to test this SWF
implementation, which I think will really be a benefit. 

Thanks again for your efforts!

Luis Fernandez